The Missions of IROB Ministries are:

"To be soldiers of Jesus Christ"

"To seek out the lost and save souls for Christ."

"To Empower & Restore the people with godly principles for higher learning."

"To restore the city for Kingdom living by implementing the Five-Fold Ministry under the inspiration of God."



9:00 AM


7:30 PM

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Pastor Ontiwaun Carter is one of the most dynamic, charismatic, prolific orators in ministry today. He has commanded the attention of audiences around the country and is esteemed as a man of God who delivers the Word of truth with fervor and intensity.

He is the founder, Chief Executive Officer, Pastor, and adored leader of International Restorer of the Breach (I.R.O.B) Ministries, one of the fastest growing churches in the Las Vegas Valley.

As a skillful teacher and preacher, Overseer Carter uses a unique approach and ministry style to birth life into people through his revelation of the Gospel. His keen insight and unconventional methods are unparallel and unmatched, and speaks to the raw cutting-edge manner of reaching the lost. Whether you are a seasoned, well-read Christian or babe in Christ, this respected theologian is sure to arrest the spirit-man in listeners and provoke change.

Raised in the inner city of Pacoima, California, Overseer Carter faced the heartaches associated with brokenness at an early age. Having experienced disappointments through an abrupt ending of a promising NFL career, and the generational curse of brokenness that plagued his family, Overseer Carter aimed for wholeness through a stronger relationship with Christ. He hit the mark when he journeyed back to the drawing board of life and allowed God to download His blueprint. Now with the strong foundation, Overseer Carter flows in his anointing and uses his natural ability to create on-the-spot demonstrations  of the Word through his animated and energetic style of delivery.

Having embraced her responsibility in ministry, Lady Carter emerged as a potent inspirational speaker who packs a powerful punch for women and continues to rip off the fabric stereotypical threads that cover the influence of love and unity amongst the sisterhood in the body of Christ.

A prolific presenter and an authentic intercessor, Lady Carter embodies the virtuous woman and charges women throughout the country to ‘drop the chains and release the pain’ which keep them from moving and growing in God. “My main goal is assisting and aiding women who live in the pits of the past and are bound by the chains of life. I have such a desire to teach women to just love and perfect who God has made you to be.” she said.

Holding a Master’s Degree in Education, the teacher by nature lends herself to coaching people on interview preparation, how to walk in confidence, first impressions, goal setting and training.

Lady Carter’s heart for women stretches wide and includes a shelter for estranged women and their children, along with services to connect clients to scholarships awards, education opportunities and employment resources-all a part of her vision to restore the virtue in women.

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